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We kindly ask user of this internet page to carefully read this usage conditions, all eventual changes and additions.


The owner and operator of this internet page is: Mala plus d.o.o., Tovarniška cesta 2, 8330 Metlika. The mentioned information about company Mala plus d.o.o. (hereafter Mala plus), brand names and third person are chosen very carefully but still Mala plus cannot guarantee for the correctness and completeness of all that is mentioned. Mala plus will not take responsibility for mistakes revealed on this pages.

Forecasts and announcements are introduced and mentioned upon best purpose and knowledge but the real results can fundamentally deviate from them. The reason for this can be many different elements such as competitors or the economic situation on which Mala plus has hardly influence.

By using the internet page the user unconditionally accepts the general conditions and usage conditions, which can be read online or printed out.

General condition for using the internet page

1. Copyright

Our internet pages (content, structure and names or titles) are protected by copyright law. The copyright is valid for reproduction, adjustment, translation, savings and all other kinds of electronic media. Any kind of usage of the web-pages, as a whole or just partly needs to be allowed in a written form by company Mala plus. A written approval has to be applied for any kind of reproduction of information or photography’s, especially for the usage of just some parts of text and photographs (exception: photographs, which are given to be shared. The rights for reproduction and distribution has Mala Plus.

Photography’s for printing purposes, which are devoted for/or in electronic formats because of word processing must be marked with the sign for copyrights “© [year] Mala plus d.o.o. All rights reserved”. The reproduction is free of charge but Mala plus demands a copy for its archive.

© 2019 Mala plus d.o.o.. All rights reserved.

2. Brand

Logo and slogan as well as all other names and title or presentations of individual products on this internet page as well the brand name of the company, its connected companies and partners. Any kind of not allowed usage or misuse of this brand names and signs related to this internet page is strictly forbidden and means violation of rules and laws also related to intellectual property and unfair competiveness.

3. Statement of responsibility limitation related to internet pages of third person

a.) The internet page and its subpages can content links ( hyperlink ), which direct to other internet pages. These, other pages, are owned by third person and Mala plus is not familiar with the content. Mala plus just enables the connection to them and cannot take responsibility for their content. The links to them via our webpages are only for navigation purpose. Therefor we explicitly distance completely from contents of webpages owned by third person. We do not take responsibility for eventual violation of valid law regulation and rights related to third person, which appear on such pages.

b.) The responsibility for internet pages, to which Mala plus enables connection via hyperlinks is a matter of the internet pages’ owners. The same is to be considered related to Sales of products, which are offered via those pages. We take no responsibilities for the offers, Sales conditions and the handling or proceeding of the order and product in general.

c.) Mala plus is not responsible for violation of copy rights, rights, which are related to patented brand names and signs, intellectual or personal property, which appear on webpages, which are accessible via hyperlinks.

d.) In case of an order or other kind of legal transaction, a relationship is developed only between the user of the internet page and the owner of the particular internet page or advertiser. In no case or circumstance, there is a relationship between Mala plus d.o.o. and the user. Please take into account the usage conditions of the particular advertiser or owner of the internet page, which was hyperlinked with ours.

e.) This statement of limited responsibility is valid for all internet pages, which are accessible via as well as all contents to linked internet pages.

4. General statement of limited responsibility

Mala plus is not responsible for the correctness, accuracy, contentiousness of data or information, which are visible on the internet page. Mala plus is not taking over responsibility for actions the user taking based on information he finds on the internet pages

The download of programs and data from our pages is exclusively your own responsibility. Mala plus is not responsible and will not pay for any kind of damage, which is caused by using the internet pages. This includes also eventual damage caused by viruses, which can occur as a result of recopying data bases, data or information from our pages.

5. Products and services

Brand name/products and services, which are shown on this internet page, can be seen and used all over the world. Mala plus, however cannot guarantee that products and services offered by us are also accessible in your country.


These general conditions are in a line with the regulations and laws of Republic Slovenia. All conflict regulation related to this usage condition will be handled due to valid law by the local court (in charge for the teritorry Mala plus d.o.o. has it` s headquarter). If one of the regulations of this general condition becomes invalid it has absolutely no influence on the validity of all other remaining regulations.

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